About us

At Sonic Nurse Connect, our focus is the delivery of community-based healthcare services to support a better patient journey & health outcomes for those with acute or chronic, complex health conditions.

We partner with healthcare providers, public & private health systems and health insurers to effectively deliver a range of timely & targeted services in unity with the patient's usual primary healthcare team.

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Our Services

Through our network of trained mobile nurses and national infrastructure, we develop and implement innovative programs and services that improve patient access and outcomes.

Our expertise includes health assessments and care planning, disease management programs and interventions, customised patient support programs, and clinical nursing services.

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Refer a Patient

We provide a range of customised clinical nursing services in the comfort of a patient's home, office, GP surgery or community treatment centre. Our clinical services include IV medication administration, DVA Community nursing, vaccination and immunisation, as well as post-acute care.

You can refer a patient for a specific treatment administration program.

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