Our nurses are skilled in their field and provide services in a manner that keeps the patient at the centre of their care.

Sonic Nurse Connect Registered Nurses can provide clinical care in the comfort of the patient’s home, office or school. Our clinical services are provided with a high degree of expertise by a suitably qualified Registered Nurse working in close collaboration with the patient’s usual primary healthcare team.

Intravenous Drug & Medication Administration
Nurses undergo specialised training to ensure medications delivered in a home or community care setting are performed with safety in mind.

DVA Community Nursing
Our nurses provide services to our DVA clients with the utmost care and sensitivity.

Vaccination & Immunisation Services
Vaccination services are available for a variety of different sized groups or organisations.

Hospital in the Home
Patients need no longer stay in hospital when their condition is suitable for home based care. This allows patients to continue with their hospital care regime whilst being able to move on with their daily life activities.

Post Acute Care
Like hospital in the home, we support patients to be able to have care in their home rather than needing to remain in hospital