We specialise in completing comprehensive home-based Health Assessments to support initial and ongoing care co-ordination and post-discharge programs aimed at reducing hospital re-admission for all patients, especially those with chronic and complex conditions.


Community Health Assessments

Sonic Nurse Connect Registered Nurses visit each patient in their home to undertake a comprehensive health and wellness assessment that provides a comprehensive program for holistic ongoing care.


Care Coordination

Through targeted interventions immediately prior to, and post-hospital discharge, we are committed to supporting public and private hospitals in the implementation of programs that reduce hospital readmission rates.

Sonic Nurse Connect has the systems and resources in place to provide timely discharge follow-up (by phone or in the home) and facilitate access to a range of other community services.


DVA Coordinated Veterans Care

Funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), the Coordinated Veterans’ Care (CVC) Program provides for regular contact and care for Veterans to assist them with coordinating their care needs. Our assessment and care coordination program is aligned with the DVA principles of care and funded care services.

Sonic Nurse Connect works in collaboration with GPs and Medical Centres to provide a comprehensive yet efficient service to ensure that all requirements for the CVC program are met. We are able to manage the entire Program from initial Patient Enrolment through Monthly Patient Contact and In-Home visits by our Registered Nurses.